Reasons for the Book

Researching and writing Murder & Misconduct has been a labour of love.  A story so compelling, and so unique, that I started writing the film script, before being advised by a gifted gentleman to write the book first.

The aim was always to produce a brilliant Australian movie from the main volume –The Complete Files  – with the express purpose being, that the profits go to assisting the rural people of Queensland, specifically those affected by the ongoing droughts. I have been so adamant about this cause to the point of drawing up a legal document in 2006 pertaining to this promise. With the assistance of the State and Federal Governments, we could start the urgent process of drought-proofing Queensland. Ideas must be brought to light, discussions resolved, and steps taken to ensure the survival of these communities . They are the backbone of this country and I’m sure everyone would agree that they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. After all, it’s the farmers who  provide our necessary food supplies……and without them………..

They are hardworking and proud, humble people, who need a life-long solution, not the occasional hand-out. Being raised in the country I know first-hand of the hardships the rural communities endure, mainly from the continuous droughts. They need assistance in the form of water.

I know what an exceptional film The Complete Files will make, but more significantly, how much good can come of it.

The benefits would be immense for the rural areas and all outback communities:

  • An abundance of healthy produce
  • Employment
  • Revival of rural communities
  • Increased export trade
  • Recondition the ecosystem and environment
  • Outback tourism would flourish
  • Access to water to fight bush fires

The possibilities are endless, but essentially, we need to ensure our farmers, and this land prosper by receiving the necessary support, which has been long overdue.

 Cheryl Fagan – Author