About the Author

Cheryl was born in Toowoomba and raised in Miles, before moving to Brisbane in her late teens. Since 1998, she has been meticulously investigating and writing about these crimes, using a mass of impeccable research at her disposal.  After gaining a deep respect for historical true crime, these stories have taken her from various dark and gruesome places, to the joys of meeting some incredible and humorous people.  True life mysteries intrigue, engulf and sometimes magnify a sense of belief, but unfortunately these stories are steeped with horrific acts of violence.

Her introduction to the Gatton murders was at the age of twelve or thirteen when her mother made a comment while driving through the township.   Curious, she raised a barrage of questions, but her mother could only repeat the local gossip, that Mr Murphy was involved.  For some reason it was an answer that she refused to believe.  For years the Murphy tragedy continued to torment her, and now she dares to dispute the circumstances and dispel those evil rumours. When she began, she had no idea of the enormity surrounding these cases, where they would lead to, or the outcome.